Hello beautiful. 

My name is Stephanie Polimeno and I’m licensed in Advanced Esthetics
and a Certified Lash Technician in Massachusetts. I was initially Lash
Certified in San Diego, California from Guista Bella and then received
a second Lash Certification from Blink Lash Extensions in Hanover,
Massachusetts. I have now extended my education and became certified in volume lashes in April 2016 by Lash Affair and Lash Tribe in April 2017.  For the last 7 years straight I have had my own eyelashes extended on a regular schedule and have never considered not having them. I love them so much and want every woman to feel just as
fabulous as I do!

Due to my ingrained love for the beauty industry and helping people
feel fabulous, I decided to pursue this passion professionally and
become a lash technician for life! I love the fact that eyelash
extensions can provide an almost instant gratification and it's a
great personal satisfaction to help make each one of my clients feel
so wonderful.

If you're interested in and appointment or to just talk about the
services please send me an email or feel free to call.  Also be sure
to visit my praises page to hear direct client feedback on their
personal experiences. I'm excited to work with you.

Stephanie Polimeno


I love how happy my clients are and the amazing gratification that comes from seeing them feel so beautiful